Golden Retrievers

The ‘Autumnal’ Litter

Ch. Xanthos Espionage JW SGWC  ( 3 CC’s 1 RCC & 2 BOB) X Cuckmere Secret Solitaire

DOB -  9th November 2009

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Introducing the parents...




For this litter, we decided to take Sophie back to the Xanthos kennel  for a suitable ‘husband’ for her. We thought Spook to be perfect for her, he is such an adorable dog, extremely handsome and very gentle.  On this occasion Sophie stayed with Heather and the family for a couple of days, which proved to include successful matings. 

Sophie safely delivered 5 beautiful puppies - 3 dogs and 2 bitches between 5.45pm & 9.45pm.

Scan - confirming Sophie is in whelp

Resting with me in the study at 7 weeks in whelp

First pup’s arrived, a beautiful little girl

And the second - a boy

Sophie settled with all five babies in a clean and comfy whelping box

24 hours old

Filling out quickly at 2 days

Snuggling up at 3 days

Bonding with Shannon and Jake @ 6 days

A very content mum with her week old pups

Being washed @ 8 days

10 days old - in my small box while I clean whelping box - they’ll sleep anywhere!!

Day 15 and still very sleepy

Toys introduced at 3 weeks

Quite steady on their legs now

A pretty chilled out puppy being weighed

Very much more aware of their surroundings at 5 weeks

Lunch outside in mid December, who’d have thought it?

Then playing...

And investigating new things...

Master Yellow

Master Blue

Master Green

Miss Pink

Miss Lilac

Exploring in the kitchen

My, that’s tiring work

In the dog lawn - 7 weeks old

Not quite sure if I want to go down the step...

Mum’s keeping an eye on us though...

First to leave us was Brodie - Cuckmere Autumnal Showers.  Brodie will be living in Kent with the Barber family

Freddie’s last play before he leaves us

Cuckmere Autumnal Leaves, Freddie will be staying in Sussex with the Johnson family

Lola - resting before her long journey to her new home

Lola - Cuckmere Autumnal Sky will also be living in Kent with the Young family

Sherrie - Cuckmere Autumnal Breeze will be joining ‘big sister’ Misty (from my Dutch litter) in Norfolk with the Harringtons

Toby - playing with Ellie

And with Mia

Last to leave us was Toby - Cuckmere Autumnal Sun, he’s off to Hampshire with the Smith family

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