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Golden Retrievers

The ‘Chance’ Litter at home

DOB 26th July 2008

Cuckmere Half A Chance - Bertie with his new mum & dad - Jayne & Russell from Patcham, near Brighton. Bertie will be living with 2 other dogs including another Golden Retriever Barney

Bracken - Cuckmere Take A Chance - looking very happy with her bone

Bentley - Cuckmere Sporting Chance - exhausted after his long journey up to Derbyshire

Looking much perkier after a good sleep!!

Bailey - Cuckmere What A Chance - looking very relaxed in his new home

Bella - Cuckmere Only By Chance - relaxing in her new garden

George - Cuckmere Game of Chance - showing he’s a true Retriever at just 7 weeks!!

Blondie - Cuckmere Quite By Chance - already looking at home the afternoon she arrived!

Bracken after she’s been with her new family for a week

Blondie - looking a very confident young girl

Ruby - Cuckmere As If By Chance - looking very relaxed in her new garden

George - doing a spot of gardening!

Blondie whispering secrets to Olivia

Bracken at 11 weeks

Bertie G - Cuckmere In With A Chance at 2 months old

Bella at about 11 weeks old

Bracken - learning with Yarka

and she can do it herself....what a star?

Blondie joining in the fun at Halloween

Blondie - deciding whether or not to dive in!!


George - in the snow Jan 09. What a stunning looking young man he is

Blondie at Christmas

Bertie M

George at the beach

Blondie having fun on the beach - Summer 2009

Blondie around 18 months

Another gorgeous boy - Bailey with his mum Michelle

Mollie - aged 2 3/4 years

George - what a super family dog

Mollie - looking more and more like her mother!!

Bentley - Christmas Day 2009

Gorgeous George - Summer 2010

George - April 2011

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