Golden Retrievers

Cuckmere River Boy

‘The Colonel’

DOB - 25th August 2011

The history of our involvement

I suppose our knowledge of such Charities started way back in 2008 when we were approached by a family who were Puppy Parents for Canine Partners and who wanted their own Golden Retriever as a pet and to also help their own disabled son Jon.  Pete, Cherry, Jon and daughter Melissa came to visit us before either of the girls we planned to mate came into season.  Due to their huge experience of training puppies, they wanted to see mum before she was busy with pups and to gauge not only her temperament but character too.

To cut a long story short, The Gillbard family had a puppy from us and we have obviously kept in touch over the years. It came to light that Pete and Cherry are friends of Allen and Sandra Parton so knew of Allens plans to try and set up a Charity to help injured service personnel. I made contact with Allen and he was interested in a puppy if the timing was right for them, which I doubted as I believe the plan was for the first intake of recruits in late 2010.

During the summer of 2011, Cherry phoned me and said Sandra had put someone in touch with us for a puppy and during the course of conversations we found out that a family member was another friend of Allens and they were now in a position to actively recruit puppies.  As we had another litter due, I contacted Allen again and he was delighted to hear from us and sent his ‘Puppy Recruiting Officer’ Lyndsey with her husband Trevor to come and see our puppies. Fortunately for us, they like what they saw and plans were put in place for Allen to come up when pups were 6 weeks old to pick ‘The Colonel’.

Colonel left us in with Allen and Trevor with EJ and Rookie in the car to keep him company.  It was a very emotional day for us....

Kevin and I raised quite a lot of money from family, friends and Dog Clubs to help with Colonel’s training costs and many people as how he is getting on.  This page will be updated with photos as news as I receive it.

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Colonel - second from left - the first recruits

On December 1st, Kevin and I went down to the Centre to see the Centre and watch Colonel’s training session.  We had a cuddle too...

Group photo of the first intake of puppies with their puppy parents

At 4 months

Colonel is living with 2 other Goldens and has plenty of time to play...

Training Day at the Centre - with Rookie, Allen and Sandra’s own young Golden Retriever who coincidentally is a relative of Colonels!  Rookie’s sire is Colonel’s Granddad - Pandreft Playing the Game.

First experience of snow

A treat for being a good boy...

With Nicki - my puppy parent

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