Golden Retrievers

The ĎDutchí Litter at home

DOB 6th May 2008

Muffin - Cuckmere Double Dutch - looking very content in his new garden the afternoon he went home

Barney - Cuckmere Going Dutch - looking as though heís in charge already!

Lucy - Cuckmere Dutch Dawn - also obviously settled in very well in her new home

Chester - Cuckmere Dutch Courage - being watched as he explores his new garden

Cuckmere Dutch Design - Evie - travelling home on Grandmas lap

and looking very relaxed in her new home

Misty - Cuckmere Dutch Damsel enjoying a bone in her new home

and having great fun too.....

Muffin - two weeks after he left here. I canít believe how much he has grown!

Misty - at 10 weeks old

This is Bo - Cuckmere Dutch Delight - what a beautiful puppy she is - and she looks as though she knows it too!

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Henry - Cuckmere Dutch Detective - another gorgeous boy looking very well settled in his new home

Here is Alfie - Cuckmere Dutch Dynamo - he looks a very happy and lively chap!

Here is Evie about 10 weeks old in the garden

Lucy also around 10 weeks old

Misty at 12 weeks

Bright-eyed Barney behaving well on the lead

And again at 4 months

Muffin at 3 months

Barney - also at 4 months

Bo - again around 4 months

Evie at 18 weeks - keeping one eye on you though!!

A very confident Loxie - Cuckmere Dutch Dazzler exploring her new home

before collapsing and falling asleep!!

Misty - learning from a very early age that the fireplace is the nicest place to be!

Loxie - very much at home with her new friend Chablis

Alfie - doing what Retrievers do best - getting filthy!!!

Chester - enjoying the garden

The following photos were taken when puppies were 6 months old








Barney enjoying the snow in early 2009

Chester at 9 months - looking gorgeous before.....

finding a lovely muddy puddle - doesnít he look proud of himself?

Loxie just loves the car

Chesterís 1st Birthday

Muffin - after a bath at a year old

Muffin - having a snooze - itís so tiring having a bath!!

Evie lives in London - itís so tiring seeing the sights!!

Loxie on the scent in the forest

Misty at 17 months

Muffin with his family

Loxie - looking so much like her mum Mia

Evie at home

This is handsome Henry

This stunning young man is Barney - he just loves the snow!

Evie - not looking sure she should be on the sofa

Alfie - just loves his toys

Henry at 3 years old - a wonderful family dog

Barney has now moved to Devon - what lovely walks heís now having

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