Golden Retrievers


Cuckmere Touch of Elegance

Stanroph Secret Service X Gorsina Lady of Cuckmere

DOB - 27th March 2001

Hip Score 4:4

Ellie, my long awaited home-bed puppy. Although she was the only bitch in the litter, what a super dog she is, so full of character and not an ounce of nastiness in her. Nicknamed my ‘Pride and Joy’ by my husband as she is such a special girl, very dear to our hearts and thoroughly spoilt!

Ellie has been a relatively easy dog to train and has passed all the Kennel Club Award schemes.

Ellie has had 2 litters, the first in March 2007 by Mossburn Colonel Mustard.  We called this  the ‘Pure’ litter and decided not to keep a puppy as we wanted to wait for her following litter.

Her second litter, in July 2008 was by Ch. Catcombe Cock A Doodle Doo and she produced 10 puppies, 5 girls and 5 boys. It was a heart-breaking decision to yet again not keep a puppy from this litter. I was keen to have a bitch to keep and show and we felt that none of the girls fulfilled that criteria and sadly let them all go to pet homes.  A decision that I will probably always regret as this was to be Ellie’s final litter.

Ellie has been a superb auntie to our subsequent litters, always happy to help out with the cleaning of puppies and at playtimes. She is truly a very special girl and we all love her to bits.  She’s always ‘talking’ and has to have the last word!

She is now over 13 years old and keeping in reasonable health, she has an occasional limp and sometimes finds it hard to get up but as yet is still only on Glucosamine to help her joints.  Life is still fun for her - which is a blessing.

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Ellie - as a puppy

Always acting the fool - got into Kelly’s car as if to go home with them!!

Playing schools with Shannon - but not paying attention as usual...

On holiday in the New Forest with mum Mollie and sister Sophie

At 8 years old

Playing with Tizzie

Still enjoying puppies in Sept 2011

Will she ever grow up?

Making our new pup Florrie feel at home

Still playful too...

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