Golden Retrievers

Xanthos Flavia Amid Cuckmere

    Italian, Croatian, Slovenian, French, International & CIE Champion Pinkerly Valmont JWW 2010 X Xanthos Firenze JW

25th October 2011

   Qualifed for Crufts 2013  


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Hip Score -  4:4

Elbow Score - 0:0

Eye Certificate - Clear July 2013

GR_PRA 1 - Carrier

GR_PRA 2 - Clear

Our newest addition to the family - Florrie. We are truly honoured to have this adorable puppy come and live with us.  Florrie was bred by Heather Morss and we hope to show this young lady in the future.

Florrie was one of 12 in the litter and six were bitches.  It was a very difficult decision on which puppy to pick as they were all so beautiful, but this one took my eye.....

Florrie soon settled in with Auntie Ellie

She always looks sleepy... no doubt she’ll soon be running everywhere...

Making herself at home and determined to share a basket with Maisie and Ellie

With Mia and Maisie

Nearly 10 weeks old and playing with Ellie

Like several of my siblings - I too love sleeping on my back....

I’ve just been to my first puppy class - my. it’s worn me out!!

Outside - at 3 months

Tizzie and Maisie have taken my bone....

What’s this cold white stuff???

Puppy love...

4 months old

Florrie has just decided to try the furniture out for comfort - we do not allow our dogs on chairs so no wonder she’s looking silly

6 months old

Florrie at 9 months

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