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Golden Retrievers

The In A Litter

See how the puppies settle into their new homes and their development into adults

Cuckmere In A Pickle - Archie amongst the daisies

Maddie - looking very relaxed on her first day home

Millie - looking so relaxed waiting for her first vaccination

Maddie - looking so gorgeous

Cuckmere In A Trice - Millie

Millie - finding comfort with Yarka

Archie just loves helping with the laundry...

Rosie and Maddie playing well together

Millie at 3 months

Archie @ 3 months

Tizzie at 4 months

Millie @ 4 months having found a lovely muddy puddle

Tizzie - 6 months

Maddie - 6 months

Millie in the snow...

Tizzie at 7 months - loving the snow...

Another girl who loves the snow - Maddie

Archie in the snow @ 7 months

Millie @ 10 months

Maddie - she looks more like her mother than the other girls

Tizzie @ 10 months

Archie @ 11 months

Millie - a few days before her first birthday

                 Litter re-united with mum on the day after their 1st birthday                 L - R Millie, Mia, Maddie, Archie and Tizzie lying down

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