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22/01/17 - Yet again I will try and update the website as often as I can.  Updates to - Home, Our Girls, Our Angels, Current and Planned Litters

11/03/15 - Maisie safely delivered her puppies this morning - she has 7 - 4 girls and 3 boys.  One of the girls is very small but appears to be strong - fingers crossed for her.

07/03/15 - Wow, what an amazing day we all had at Crufts yesterday,  Dixon was so good during the very long day, We left home at 4am!!! He has never been benched for anywhere near as long and he just laid there and relaxed, enjoying the attention of the public who came to see him. Both he and Manny were so good in the ring, very, very proud of the pair of them.  Although neither of our boys were placed, it was an amazing experience and I felt truly humbled to have two such wonderful young dogs I had bred in the class.

04/03/15 - Safe journey, Nick, Elaine and Manny on your trip to Crufts.  See you there on Thursday xxx

03/03/15 - oh dear, just realised how long it has been since I updated the site. Huge Congratulations to Manny - Cuckmere Mister Softee on his superb win at the Southern Golden Retriever Show on Sunday - 1st in Junior Dog.  So very proud of you all.

31/12/14 - Wishing everyone a very Happy and Healthy 2015. We have a lovely Christmas here at Cuckmere, although I do have to say ot was a little hectic at times to say the least. Missy is currently staying here as she is in season, closely followed by Tizzie and then Mia and Maisie on Christmas Day! Dixon has been extremely good, bless him.  Litter Plans now updated.

05/11/14 - Just a few little updates as it has been rather quiet here at Cuckmere, quiet, well not really. We have had some amazing days out with Tizzie, Florrie and Dixon at Dog Shows throughout the South.  Darling Dixon is growing fast and is a beautiful lad, nice and calm and an absolute joy, I am so very proud of him

31/10/14 - Life does have it’s traumatic times too.  Our dear Sophie had to have her tail amputated a few weeks ago now. Although we will never know exactly what happened to her.... When she came back from a walk on the Sunday, she was bleeding heavily from her tail, we cleaned her up and could only find a graze like wound, but kept a close eye on it.  By Weds she didn’t want her breakfast and appeared to be in great pain so quickly off to the vets. She wouldn’t let him touch her tail so he gave her painkillers and antibiotics and if no improvement in a few days to bring her back and they would sedate her. It was obvious by Saturday she wasn’t really improving so I made an appointment for her Monday morning.  I received a phone call from my vet Chris mid morning - they sedated her and when hey started to shave her tail, they heard a crunching sound so decided to x-ray her tail where it was found she had a total fracture!  There was also an abscess  around the wound. Chris was worried that infection could spread up and into her spinal column and it was therefore decided to remove her tail so she had the best chance of recovery. It was a tremendous shock for me, I felt really quite sick and had elements of guilt. Sophie came home late that afternoon with a tail of about 5”, she appeared in a lot of pain so with the support of my dear friend and Vet Nurse Paula, we gave her additional meds to keep her calm and pain free for a few days,  Sophie has since made an amazing recovery, her wound has healed nicely and she is now back in the pack for morning forest walks.  Bless her xxx

11/08/14 - We have had another long trip to Dorset to the Bournemouth Champ Show.  We met up with Nick. Elayne and Manny from Tizzie’s litter. We were both entered in the Puppy Dog class - Manny came a fantastic 2nd and Dixon awarded VHC - an amazing day for Team Cuckmere. Manny is also now qualified for Crufts 2015.

03/8/14 -  Today we have made the very long trip to Paignton Champ Show with Dixon and his mum Florrie.  Dixon has made a very impressive start to his show career with a superb 2nd place in the Minor Puppy Dog class.  This qualifies him for Crufts 2015 -thrilled isn’t quite the word...

10/07/14 - Sorry for the lack of updates recently.  We have been enjoying the summer with the dogs. This evening Dixon and I went to Ringcraft for our monthly Match Night. He’s a little young to be in the Puppy Class, but I decided to give it a try and to my surprise and delight, he won!!! He now goes through to Pup of the Year at Christmas.

31/03/14 - Well, all puppies have now left for their new homes, apart from our dear little Dixon.  We have had excellent reports of pups settling down extremely well.  It seems very quiet here now...

22/03/14 - Another 6 babies left for their new lives, a very tiring and emotional day but wonderful to see so many happy people with their puppies. Florrie doesn’t seem worried at all - she has been an amazing first time mum and now fully deserves a long rest.

21/03/14 - Well, the day has arrived when we start to say goodbye to our lovely puppies. 3 have gone off to their new families today, 1 is only just down the road so hopefully we will see her often.

20/03/14 - Another very busy day - all puppies taken to the vet for checks prior to leaving me.  Took the boys first and then the girls - phew, was I tired afterwards.  Both staff and other patients owners were very pleased to see them. Many had never seen young puppies before.  They all took it it in their stride... All pups have a clean bill of health.

19/03/14 - All puppies have been tattooed today - barely a squeak from any of them We then had more visitors, Chris Rayment (Chrisheaven) & Lisa Hayes (Pelhamdream) - good to chat Goldies

18/03/14 - Very special visitors today - Wendy Cook (Calarose) and Pat Taylor (Pandreft) came to see the puppies today - they were very pleased with the quality of them all - they also helped Les & Gwen (Lamaisonde) choose their puppy. My decision is also now made - Mr Turquoise will be staying here.

17/03/14 - Today I took all the puppies to an eye testing session - thankfully they have all been screened clear.  Many thanks to Andrew for his help - couldn’t have managed without you x

02/03/14 - Updated puppy pages and added Bruce as our second stud dog. Puppies have now been registered with the Kennel Club. I have named Florrie’s litter after T.V. Detectives or Programmes - it is always a theme I have wanted to use and thought this an appropriate litter.  Tizzie’s litter have been named after famous show jumping horses.

25/02/14 - Florrie’s puppies are now 4 weeks old and have been outside for the first time today as we had some much needed sunshine

03/02/14 - Tizzie safely delivered her puppies this evening - as we expected just 4, 2 boys and 2 girls.

28/01/14 - Florrie has delivered her babies - all born during the afternoon/evening - see puppies

03/01/14 - Both Florrie and Tizzie have been scanned today and been confirmed in whelp.. Florrie’s litter is due 30/31st January and Tizzie’s 5th February. Limited spaces for reservations of puppies from these litters.

04/12/13 - Tizzie has now been mated to Calarose on the Up.  Jake is a super young dog who has a wonderful nature. This is hopefully his first litter and we eagerly await confirmation she is in whelp.   

26/11/13 - Florrie has now been mated to Ch. Xanthos Espionage.  Spook is a wonderful dog with a superb temperament and is very much a gentleman...

19/11/13 - Tizzie has also now come into season. Please see Planned Litters page for more details.

14/11/13 - Finally, after 14 months Florrie has now come into season. 

09/11/13 - First time I’ve taken Florrie and Tizzie to a show for ages - both achieved 2nd place in their classes.

19/09/13 - Today we had some very sad news.  Faith - Cuckmere Secret Destiny was suddenly taken ill and sadly there was nothing the vet could do for her.  Sadly she was given peace this afternoon. She had a wonderful life with Shirley and Andrew along with her sister Libby, niece Honey and great-niece Molly.  A beautiful dog with a super nature.  We were lucky enough to see her often, the last time being only a few days before and as usual she was loving all the fuss and attention. RIP Faith - reunited with your mum, Mollie xxx

08/09/13 - All puppies have left with their new families.  It seems very quiet here now. Maisie doesn’t appear to be missing them. She’s had a lovely bath and groom this afternoon to help make her feel better.

04/09/13 - Puppies were tattooed today, very well behaved! Not long now before they start to leave for their new homes...

29/08/13 - Puppies are all growing well, all have super new homes waiting for them.  They are now spending most of their days in the outside run and having great fun.

31/07/13 - took another puppy to the vet as she was also failing to gain weight, the decision was made to give her sleep as it was likely she had a blockage in her stomach and obviously far too young for surgery, a desperately sad time for us all.

30/07/13 - A very sad day, today one of the bitch puppies passed away. She was had started to lose weight and slipped away...

23/07/13 - Today Maisie and her babies had their first visitors. I had two sets of friends visit and Maisie was proud to show off her babies although keeping one eye on what was going on!

21/07/13 - Maisie safely delivered her puppies this afternoon/early evening. Not very pleasant in the extreme heat but she coped admirably. She has 4 daughters and 2 sons.  All now settled down for the night.

20/07/12 - Apologies for not updating the website. Maisie was mated to Stanroph Surfer Boy and her puppies are due on 22nd July.

18/06/13 - Jaffa has become a father again.  His second litter with Ruby, Doddridge Ruby Red Dress. 

17/05/13 - Current litters page updated

01/05/13 - Many Congratulations to Maddie - Cuckmere In A Jiffy on the birth of her 9 puppies early this morning.  Well done Peggy and Jeanie - you can relax now and enjoy them.

28/04/13 - Mia has come into season 2 months early!  Caught me a bit off guard, stud dog decision made and will be confirmed when arranged etc.

27/03/13 - A very special day - 12 years ago, our dear Mollie gave birth to our very first litter of Golden Retrievers.  It’s doesn’t seem possible that we’ve had Ellie for 12 years now, she’s such a character and the light of our lives. She is on good health and we hope she continues to enjoy life for many years to come.

25/03/13 - Jaffa, Molly and Tizzie went for eye tests today and all were clear - phew, relief... Updated website pages, Tizzie, Jaffa, Molly & Photo Albums

09/02/13 - Today I went to Crufts for the first time in many years.  It was a very long and tiring day but so worth it.  I now regret not taking Florrie - need t qualify her for next year....

07/03/13 - Sonny and his owners had a fabulous day at Crufts.  Sadly they weren’t placed but it was a memorable day for all.

06/03/13 - Today our Cuckmere Mr Tickle aka Sonny will begin his journey to Crufts.  He will be in the ring tomorrow and we wish his and his wonderful owners Rose & Trude a truly memorable day. I shall be anxiously waiting for news...

15/02/13 - Received Florrie’s results this morning - hips 4:4 and elbows 0:0 - I am really happy with these and relieved!! We can now look forward to having puppies from her in the future.

03/02/13 - Links Page updated. See Current Litters page for details of Jaffa’s news.

25/01/13 - Today we took Florrie down to Hampshire to have her hips and elbows x-rayed.  Marilyn thought theu looked good - lets hope the BVA agree with her.  An anxious wait now until we get the results through.


               HAPPY  NEW YEAR


26/12/12 - Apologies for not updating the website regularly but hopefully I will have more time now and keep you up to date with all our news.  Photos of the girls added, having fun at Christmas. Thank you for so many messages and photos of dogs from previous litters I will add them to the site shortly.

17/09/12 - More photos of puppies added. No show for Florrie yesterday as she has come into season - an enforced breakfor us for a while which is a shame.

09/09/12 - Tizzie took us all by surprise today and delivered her puppies 5 days early!  A lovely delivery, especially for a first litter. She’s a natural mum. Click here to see photos of the new arrivals.  Updates to Show News.

08/09/12 - Cuckmere Mr Tickle, Sonny to his friends attended his first Championship show today and has qualified for Crufts 2013. We are so proud of our home bred Cairn pup who is adored by Trude and Rose.  Thanks must go to Carol Confue for grooming Sonny to perfection, the support and encouragement from the fellow Cairn exhibitors who have been so kind and helpful to them all.  Special congratulations also to Rose for handling him so well.

29/08/12 - Site updated - Show News, Puppy pages, Previous Litters - River & Pride. New photo of Florrie added.

15/08/12 - Tizzie has been scanned today and confirmed in whelp - details of potential pedigree will be added shortly

07/08/12 - Happy Birthday to my ‘Pride’litter - 1 year old today.

05/08/12 - Today Florrie and I went to Paignton Championship Show - the weather was awful torrential rain all day but nothing could dampen our day - Florrie was placed 3rd in a large class of quality bitch puppies which qualifies her for Crufts 2013. I am over the moon with her performance - my sincere thanks to Heather Morss, her breeder for allowing me to have this special girl.

31/07/12 - Xanthos Flavia passed her KC Bronze test - well done Florrie

21/07/12 - Today I received in the post the results of my Kennel Club Assured Breeder home check etc.  I was thrilled with the comments and scores. Show news updated. I was so pleased I took Tizzie to the show, she has been looking so well lately I thought it would be worth taking her - and it was!

17/07/12 - Happy Birthday to Mia and Bella from our ‘Players’ litter - 6 years old today .

15/07/12 - Show News Updated

14/07/12 - Tizzie had now had 2 matings with Magnus - fingers now crossed all goes well for puppies mid Sept.

12/07/12 - Happy Birthday to Jaffa and our ‘Magical’ litter. Jaffa is now 6 and the Magical litter are 7.

26/06/12 - Tizzie is in season and will be mated in due course - see current litters page for more details

25/06/12 - Happy Birthday to our ‘Secret’ litter - 10 years old today.

02/06/12 - Happy Birthday wishes to our ‘Twist’ litter - 4 years old today.

01/06/12 - Our first visit to an all breeds Championship Show - we took Florrie and she did very well in the large class on 14 Minot Bitch Puppies - unfortunately we didn’t get placed but that was more down to me than her - sorry Florrie.  It was lovely though to meet up with Heather Morss, her breeder, her brother Enzo and many other friends. Perhaps better luck next time...

08/05/12 - Ringcraft Match Night @ Eastbourne, Florrie was 2nd - beaten by Sylvia’s Cairn Lily who was bred by us - a win/win evening for us!!

06/05/12 - Congratulations to Rose, Trudi and Sonny - achieving 2nd place in both his classes at Ardingly, well done to you all.

25/04/12 - Florrie is 6 months old today - where has the time gone!! She is such a sweetie, full of character and my, hasn’t she grown! She will shortly be going to her first show - fingers crossed she enjoys it as much as Tizzie does.

24/04/12 - Happy Birthday to my ‘In A’ litter - 2 years old today. Tizzie will now being having a break from the show ring as her coat is out of condition.  I hope to have a litter from her this summer.

22/04/12 - Show Results - Tizzie 3rd in Special Yearling class and VHC in Post Grad & Open.  She is out of coat really but I wanted to go along for a chat with friends!  Sonny and Lily from Missy’s ‘Mr Men’ litter made their show debut today - behaved really well in a different environment and both had a rosette or certificate - well done, lets hope it’s the first of many.

15/04/12 - Happy Birthday to Shirley and my ‘Wedding’ litter - 1 today.  Molly, who Shirley kept from the litter is a really beautiful girl now.

13/04/12 - The girls spent a trial day/night at a kennels recommended by my Aunt - they were really good apparently, settled in well, no barking etc - Tracy is happy to have them back to stay while we have a holiday - can’t wait...

27/03/12 - Happy Birthday to my ‘Touch’ litter - 11 years old today. Can’t believe Ellie is now 11 - she is such a character and still loves to play with Florrie.

25/03/12 - Show Results - Tizzie 2nd in Undergraduate Class - Horsham Show @ Ardingly

16/03/12 - Happy Birthday to my ‘Spring’ litter - 5 today

15/03/12 - Match Night at Horam - Florrie 1st in Puppy Walk - unbelievable!!!

13/03/12 - Match Night at Langney Ringcraft - Florrie 1st in Puppy Walk

09/03/12 - Happy Birthday to my ‘Pure’ litter - 5 years old today

02/03/12 - Happy Birthday to my ‘Solitaire’ litter - 7 years old today

20/02/12 - Tizzie passes her KC Gold Award in Obedience so now all 5 of my adult girls now hold this award - quite an achievement I think.

15/02/12 - Updates to Pride and River Photo Albums. Also new photos of Florrie.  Jaffa’s latest litter was born on 31st January - all pups reserved at the moment. I have decided to create a page especially for our Hounds for Heroes puppy ‘Colonel’.  We are constantly being asked how he is getting on.  Obviously I can only update the page as and when I get news of his progress. 

30/01/12 - New photos added to Florrie and Tizzie’s pages

24/01/12 - Florrie attended her first puppy socialisation class last night which she thoroughly enjoyed. She came home and slept all evening - looking forward to taking her to her first Ringcraft class on Thursday.

08/01/12 - Update on Colonel - his Puppy Parent Jane is having a holiday so Colonel has gone to stay with a foster family for 2 weeks, Nicola is a friend of mine!! She has been puppy sitting for Florrie’s litter when Heather needed to go out etc, such a small world. Expecting lots of photos as Nicki is a photographer too!

30/12/11 - I hope everyone has had a lovely Christmas and we wish you all a Happy & Healthy New Year.  Our dear little Teddy found a wonderful home just before Christmas, he has made one family very happy and he had settled in well.  Many thanks to Nicki for her help in making this all possible. When pointing someone towards the litter page, I now see that there are lots of photos missing there too, I am getting a new desk top computer in the New Year and will make a conscious effort to get the site up and fully functioning as soon as I possibly can.  Jaffa is to become a dad again, litter due 1st February.

14/12/2011 - Yesterday we collected a new addition to our canine family. We have called our new puppy Florentina - click here to read all about her. She seems to have made herself very much at home already! 

11/12/11 - Photo Album updated with photos of Freddie settling in his new home.

10/12/11 - We still have available one male Cairn Terrier puppy. He is now 10 weeks old and had his first vaccination.  We have named him Teddy and he is an absolutely super pup who gets on so well with the Golden Girls. Another feature in the Daily Mail about H for H.

09/12/11 - Another TV appearance from Colonel and the Hounds for Heroes on BBC News Programmes

01/12/11 - Kevin and I had an absolutely super morning at the H for H centre.  We received a very warm welcome and met another breeder. Allen received a cheque from the local Golf Club and I then gave him ours - £450 raised from family and friends - we thank you all enormously.  We then watched the training and then had a cuddle with Colonel and a chat with his puppy parent. He has settled in well in his home and the training is going well, he is quick to learn and a very relaxed young man.  We hope to visit again to see how the puppies training is coming on. On our way home we called in to see a friend who has puppies - absolutely adorable, all I can say is, ‘watch this space’!!

30/11/11 - New photos added of puppies going to their new homes. Kevin and I are going to visit the Hounds for Heroes Training Centre tomorrow and are really looking forward to seeing Colonel again and watching him and the other puppies training. On our way home we are going to make another special visit - more news to come on that....

28/11/11 - Hounds for Heroes feature in the Daily Mail today - lovely photo of Colonel.  There was also a feature about the puppies on the ITV National News!! 

26/11/11 - Our final pup left for his new home today.  We will be keeping Riley here with us until a special home is found for him.

25/11/11 - 4 of the the puppies left for their new homes today - it’s a lot quieter here now!!

24/11/11 - Puppies have now been checked over by my vet and tattooed.  We have taken photos this evening of them all individually before they start going to their new homes tomorrow.

12/11/11 - Show results page updated including critiques.

03/11/11 - Feature on Meridian Tonight about the new recruits for Hounds for Heroes - one of which is my Colonel!  So very proud of him. See -

31/10/11 - more photos of Mr Men litter in their new daytime accommodation

24/10/11 - New photos added to Mr Men litter as weaning has started!

17/10/11 - Tizzie took and passed her KC Silver Test tonight - 2nd time though!

17/10/11 - An emotional day for me today.  Allen Parton founder of Hounds for Heroes came to collect Colonel today.  He is such an adorable puppy, so people orientated, calm and quick to learn, I will really miss him as he has been here on his own for the last day and could have settled in well here... But. he has a very important job to train for and we wish him well with his Puppy Parents and in his advanced training next year.

16/10/11 - Jesse left today, he has gone to live with Sheila, who’s son and daughter-in-law had Jengo from Mia’s litter - they live close by each other and will hopefully grow up to be the best of pals. Poor Colonel, all alone until tomorrow - still, he’s having fun having the run of the house with his mum and other relatives.

15/10/11 - Another 3 of Maisie’s litter left today - they two boys are looking a little lost without their siblings! Confirmation of Missy’s puppies Kennel Club Registered names confirmed - they will be the Mr Men & Little Miss litter.

13/10/11 - Maisie’s pups are now 7 weeks old and the first one has left us today.  Sonny will be living in Hove, so not too far away from us.  Missy’s puppies are doing very well too. New photos added.

12/10/11 - Puppies had a trip to the vet for their check up before leaving for their new homes.  As usual we caused chaos in the surgery as everyone wanted to see them!  Mr Wells thought they were a lovely litter and all passed their health checks with flying colours.  All were very calm and the experience was a positive one for them all.

07/10/11 - Today has been an absolutely fabulous day.  I have had the huge honour of one of my puppies being chosen to become one of the initial intake of 5, to be trained as assistance dogs for Hounds for Heroes.  I had a visit the week before to see the litter and give them an initial assessment for being people friendly, confident puppies and now one of them has been picked to go forwards into training.  He has been named ‘The Colonel’ and I will watch his progress with great interest.  Allen Parton has invited me down to the Training Centre to see how they work and I will certainly take up his offer. I have decided to donate this puppy to the Charity and have been asking family/friends/local dog training club etc if they would donate a little something so I could send him on his way with some cash to help with his training.  People have been very generous and I want to thank everyone who has donated to this very worthwhile cause.

06/10/11 - New photos of ‘River’ litter at 6 weeks and of Missy’s puppies.

01/10/11 - Photo’s of Missy’s pups added as well as new photo to ‘River’ litter.

01/10/11 - Missy delivered her puppies yesterday afternoon/evening.  She has 5 bonnie boys and a daughter - all are excellent weights and are doing well.  Photo’s to be added shortly.  New photos added to the ‘Pride’ litter album.

29/09/11 - New photos of the ‘River’ litter added as well as more pictures of the ‘Pride’ litter settling in with their new families.

28/09/11 - At last I have registered Maisie’s puppies. This will be my ‘River’ litter.

25/09/11 - New photos of the ‘Pride’ litter plus photos of puppies as they start to leave for their new homes and as they settle in.

24/09/11 - Show news updated.  New photo of Tizzie added.

22/09/11 - Puppies have had their first experience of a car journey today - a trip to the vet for a check over before they leave for their new homes. They travelled well and are all fit and well.  My vet was very impressed with them, he even took a photo to show his wife! Photos added of Ellie playing with puppies.  We have had a VIP visit today, I just hope they like what they saw - more details soon (fingers crossed).

21/09/11 - Show News updated

21/09/11 - Mia’s litter were introduced to the dog lawned area today after meals and ‘performed’ - made my job easier as less clearing up to do!! Maisie’s puppies came outside this afternoon for a short while went he sun came out - they enjoyed it.

19/09/11 - Puppies were tattooed today - what a mess they now look!  They were very good when having it done though

16/09/11 - More photos of puppies. Missy is getting larger by the day and beginning to slow down even though she has nearly 3 weeks to go.

14/09/11 - New photo’s of puppies added

09/09/11 - New photos added to Mia and Maisie’s litters as well as a new photo of Tizzie.

06/09/11 - Mia’s litter names have now been sent to the Kennel Club, just waiting for confirmation of my first choices.  They have now started to spend time outside although the weather has changed so they’re in and out between showers!  Maisie is still devoted to her puppies, barely leaving them for a minute, they are becoming more mobile and their eyes are beginning to open. New photos added.

02/09/11 - Copy of Missy’s scan added

31/08/11 - Busy day... Pups are doing really well, one of Maisie’s has doubled his birthweight already and I expect the other to by tomorrow.  Mia’s pups are playing more and I hope, weather permitting to get them outside for a short period over the weekend.  We took Missy to Val to be scanned today and she is in whelp with at least 6 puppies!  Amazing for such a small dog - bless her.

28/08/11 - Puppies all doing well, Maisie is so devoted to her babies - they are gaining weight very well!!  Mia’s pups had their first taste of other food today - they had a milky mixture of Royal Canin Starter Food and Lactol - and my word did they enjoy it, all went straight to the dish and got stuck in, no real encouragement needed.  I will gradually increase the amounts and times a day they have solid food from now on. I still have not made a decision on litter names as yet - that must be my priority this week!  New photos’s added to Mia and Maisie’s litters.

25/08/11 - We are absolutely delighted to announce that Maisie has safely delivered her puppies.  I haven’t mentioned too much about the puppies bearing in mind Maisie’s history as regards litters. She and Jaffa have 4 sons and 2 daughters, more than the scan showed which is amazing.  Maisie is a natural mother and already looking happy and relaxed with her brood.  New photos added to Mia’s litter page.  They are just so cute, growing into lovely chunky pups.

20/08/11 - Puppies now 2 weeks old - they have been wormed now - didn’t like that much!!!  All gaining weight steadily and they are now starting to play in the few minutes they are awake!

18/08/11 - Updates to Mia’s litter photo’s - puppies eyes are now beginning to open

17/08/11 - Hip score results back from 2 bitches in my ‘In A’ litter - Millie - 3:9 and Maddie - 1:1 - Maddie also has an elbow score of 0:0, Millie’s elbow score not yet back.  I am very pleased with these scores as they are well under the breed average. Maddie’s results are unbelievable - a credit to her owners, I am absolutely thrilled for them as they can now plan for the future....

14/08/11 - I cannot believe it’s 3 years ago today that we lost out precious Tilly - always remembered with love xxx

13/08/11/ - Mia’s puppies continue to grow at an alarming rate - she is such a good mother, always feeding or cleaning them.   New photos added.  Link to Tregunnon Holiday Barn added - a small complex of 2 barns currently being renovated as pet friendly holiday homes - hoping to be available later in 2011.

07/08/11 - Mia delivered her puppies in the early hours. A nice delivery - we have 4 dog and 3 bitches. Mia is devoted to her pups.  More details soon.

02/08/11 - Missy has been mated to the gorgeous Welly - aka Anjofra Mucky Boots. He has a lovely character and Missy loved him.

27/07/11 - A year ago today we lost our dear Mollie. The foundation of all our dogs, a great ambassador for the breed and we are proud to have had her as a treasured family pet.  

26/07/11 - Another Birthday, my ‘Chance’ litter are 3 years old today - have a wonderful day.

25/07/11 - Happy Birthday Missy - 3 today. I took Maisie to be scanned to and much to my surprise, she has been confirmed in whelp! Details to follow.

21/07/11 - Missy has come into season. We have decided to mate her with another Anjofra stud. Details we be added is due course.

17/07/11 - Happy Birthday to my ‘Players’ litter - Mia and Bella.  Enjoy your day. Tizzie’s page updated with hip and elbow scores

12/07/11 - Birthday wishes to our ‘Magical’ litter and also to Jaffa.  Hope you have a lovely day and get spoilt...

07/07/11 - Scan photo uploaded

05/07/11 - Mia has been scanned this afternoon and confirmed in whelp.

28/06/11 - Another Birthday greeting, our Cairn Missy’s litter are a year old today.

25/06/11 - Birthday Wishes to the ‘Solitaire’ litter - 9 years old today.

20/06/11 - All has been pretty quiet here recently.  New photos of ‘Wedding’ litter puppies settling in.

09/06/11 - Photos of new litter settling in at home. Photo Album updated.

07/06/11 - Maisie passed her KC Gold Award - I am so thrilled for her, she hated our new hall and took ages to adapt, but time and patience has paid off. All 4 of my adult girls now hold this award - all passed at first attempt too!!  Amazing girls.... Mia and Jaffa have mated.

05/06/11 - The puppies have started to go off to their new homes.  We wish them well with their new families and hope to hear news from time to time of how they’re settling in.  Photo of Henry added.

03/06/11 - Individual photos of puppies added with their KC names.

27/05/11 - New photos of puppies added.  They are being tattooed on Tuesday and begin leaving for their new homes next weekend.

23/05/11 - Mia has come into season and will be mated to Jaffa in due course.  Please see planned litter page for full details.

16/05/11 - Mia’s result back for GR_PRA1 - she is also clear. This means that puppies from my ‘In A’ litter are hereditary clear.  I am so pleased and relieved.

15/05/11 - Puppies are doing extremely well - they have now had their first experience of the garden and love it!  Show news updated including Tizzie’s first ‘critique’.

05/05/11 - Today I received the result of a recent DNA test for Jaffa,   This is a relatively new test for GR_PRA1.  We are proud to announce that Jaffa is clear.  We will gradually test all our breeding stock unless they are from both clear parents in which case they will be hereditary clear from GR_PRA1.

04/05/11 - Puppies are doing really well and have had a short first visit from their new families. We’re making the most of Honey doing all the work at the moment as we will be starting to wean them at the weekend and then the fun starts... Puppies have now been registered with the Kennel Club and this litter will be known as the ‘Wedding’ litter. Not only because of the Royal Wedding but both Shirley and I have sons getting married this summer.   Show Results updated.

29/04/11 - site updated - new photos of puppies, our walk and ‘Players’ litter.

27/04/11 - Popped in to see puppies - what little plump bundles they are!! Eyes now open and beginning to get quite mobile.

25/04/11 - We had a lovely walk in Friston Forest on Easter Monday.  All Tizzie’s siblings were there as well as a few others. It was so good to see everyone especially Harvey from my very first litter who is now 10 years old.  Only one dog mis-behaved and I won’t mention which one it was...

23/04/11 - New photos of puppies added.  Photo of Millie added just before her 1st birthday.   We have arranged a birthday walk for Tizzie and her siblings on Easter Monday - I have invited other pups who live locally but if you wish to join us, please feel free to do so, we’d love to see as many as possible.  Email me for time/place etc.

19/04/11 - A very sad day - Shirley took one of the puppies to the vet as he had been reluctant to suckle and she had been having to dropper feed him every 1/2 hours.  He had lost weight and looked so small against the others who are gaining weight at an excellent rate.  The vet diagnosed a mis-formed palate and he was given peace as it was unlikely he would ever be able to suckle. Unfortunately, these things do happen occasionally but it is hard to understand why.  Still, we must be thankful we have 7 other puppies who are thriving and a very contented mum.

17/04/11 - Photos of puppies added as well as new photos of Archie from my In A litter.

16/04/11 - Shirley and I, plus of course Honey, had a very long afternoon/evening/night yesterday delivering puppies.  We are all exhausted but thrilled with our new family.  Congratulations to Honey and of course Jaffa on their 6 sons and 2 daughters. All are doing well.  Photos to be uploaded shortly.

12/04/11 - Photo’s of Honey added on New Litter Page

10/04/11 - Another great day at Ardingly - see Results page. This was the last show Tizzie will be attending as a puppy as she will be a year old on Easter Sunday. I popped in to see Honey on Friday - she was relaxing well but looks extremely uncomfortable.  We hope she can carry pups a few more days - getting so excited....

27/03/11 - I have just got back from the Tunbridge Wells & District Canine Society’s show at Ardingly. Tizzie came 3rd in the Puppy class, 2nd in the Junior and wait for it FIRST in the Novice class.  I am absolutely thrilled with how she performed and the results. 

27/03/11 - 10 years ago today, we had our first litter of puppies. A very Happy Birthday to Bart, Harvey, Dudley, Buddy and of course Ellie who we kept from the litter, who is still as mad a puppy sometimes. Another day to remember with great affection, dear Mollie.

18/03/11 - Scan photo added.

16/03/11 - Birthday Wishes to my ‘Spring’ litter - 4 years old today.  Honey has been scanned this evening and confirmed in whelp with a large litter!

14/03/11 - Our annual visit for the dogs eye tests.  We took 6 with us and all were fine.  All 3 girls from my ‘In A’ litter have now had their eyes tested clear - they will begin to have their hips and elbows x-rayed after their 1st birthday in April.

12/03/11 - It’s Crufts Gundog day - BCC went to Heather Morss’s Xanthos Debbie Does Dallas - a fantastic achievement and I am absolutely thrilled for her. This gave Dallas her third CC and gave her the title Show Champion.  She also got 1st in the Special Working Gundog with Xanthos Espionage - sire of my ‘Autumnal’ litter. I have been in contact with Heather she is exhausted but extremely happy.

09/03/11 - Happy Birthday to my ‘Pure’ litter - 4 years old today.  New photos added to my ‘Solitaire’ Photo Album.

02/03/11 - I can’t believe my ‘Solitaire’ litter are 6 years old today - how time flies!

01/03/11 - New photos added to ‘In A’ litter album.

23/02/11 - Results from Horley & District Open Show 20th Feb - Cuckmere In A Tizz - Tizzie - 3rd Puppy Bitch & VHC in Junior Bitch

18/02/11 - had a fantastic evening at Ringcraft last night - Tizzie won Best Puppy and Best Puppy In Match!! So pleased with her - hope our winning streak continues this weekend...

15/02/2011 - Honey and Jaffa have had a very romantic weekend - fingers crossed that we will hear the patter of tiny paws around 17th April.

13/02/11 - Tizzie and I attended our first Championship Show today.  We were in the largest class of the day - 26 entries!!  We didn’t achieve a placing but Tizzie was really well behaved and our lack of Ringcraft practice didn’t help due to her prolonged season. Still, it was an experience and we had a lovely day out meeting up with some old friends.  Sire of my ‘Autumnal’ litter won Best In Show - his second CC - just one more before he’s crowned a Champion!

31/01/11 - I am having such a bad time with the site. Trying to be clever, I copied it onto my laptop so I can update from both machines - well, me/sitebuilder/both of us have deleted some pages when uploading! Now going through to see what is missing and re-do them - sorry.

30/01/11 - Honey has come into season and will shortly be mated with Jaffa - for more details, please see our Planned Litters page.

28/01/11 - Can you believe it - my computer went wrong again - luckily shop fixed it in a day but again I have lost all my work!

21/01/11 - BACK ON LINE - at last!! I’ve had a few problems re-building but hopefully all ok now. No pedigree links are working at the moment due to new Windows format - hopefully get that done next week. Recent photos sent to me will also be added shortly.

20/01/11 - Happy 2nd Birthday to Charlie - Maisie’s single puppy from the Limited litter. As you may recall, Charlie’s original owners circumstances changed and he had to find another home, and my goodness, he has found the most fantastic family to love him. I had a lovely email from Maggie last night - as usual she reduces me to tears in her total adoration of Charlie - he is going to be one very spoilt dog today

18/01/11- Brief update on news since last posting. Unfortunately Maisie wasn’t in whelp. We were very disappointed but will try again on her next season. Olly (Sweetest litter) has recently passed the test to become a PAT dog. We are so very proud of him and hope to have a photo of him in his jacket shortly. Nellie (Sweetest litter) passed her KC Silver test on 17th January - well done Michelle and Nellie. Tizzie passed her KC Bronze test just before Christmas.

Unfortunately, the hard drive on my desk top computer went and I have been unable to update the website. All my background work was lost due to the type of programme I use to build it, so I have had to start all over again! Fortunately the repair shop were able to retrieve my photos etc. At this time, pedigrees are not able to be viewed and I have not as yet uploaded any new photographs to the various puppy albums. I hope to get this done within the next few days. Also, some links may not work.


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