Golden Retrievers


Cuckmere Spring Surprise

Pandreft Playing The Game X Cuckmere Secret Solitaire

16th March 2007

Hip Score 9:7

Elbow Score 0:1

Clear Eye Certificate July 2014



Dear Maisie, well what can one say about this beautiful girl.  It was never our intention to keep from this litter, but when pups were about 2 weeks old, I noticed one appeared to have a urinary problem.  After a couple of trips to the vet for antibiotics, we came to the conclusion that Maisie is what is known as a ‘wet puppy’ where she dribbles urine. This is very occasionally found in Golden Retrievers and I believe the vast majority of breeders will have the puppy put to sleep to save any suffering.  We believed that Maisie wasn’t suffering at all, in fact she loved her daily baths to keep her sweet smelling and the constant handling did her nothing but good.  We decided to see specialist advice and we were very fortunate in that a relatively local vet had experience of the problem and was able to operate on her. Maisie had surgery at 4 months of age and has not looked back - it was a complete success and she is the most wonderful dog anyone could ask for. Yes, it cost a lot of money but it has been so well worth it.

As Maisie made such a good recovery, we decided to go ahead and have her hips and elbows scored. We did discuss the possibility of breeding from her in the future with the vet who operated on her and he assured us that if she made a good recovery, all should be fine. Although her hips aren’t perfect, they are still below breed average and we felt she did have something to offer in the way of her breeding and especially her temperament.

In late 2008 we mated Maisie to our own Jaffa and after a difficult delivery during which we lost a bitch puppy, Maisie safely delivered a dog puppy - she took to motherhood brilliantly and being a single pup was doted on by us all!

After giving her a long break, we decided to let her have another litter, again with Jaffa and in late August 2011 Maisie delivered a super litter of 4 dog and 2 bitch puppies.  Again she was an absolutely super mother to her babies.  One puppy has been donated to the new Charity Hounds for Heroes to be trained as an assistance dog - a testimony to both Maisie and Jaffa’s good temperament and the ability to learn quickly. We are so proud and will watch Colonel’s progress and look forward to the day he goes to live with his handler and will make their life so much easier.

Although now having lost her coat, Maisie has regained her lost weight and is looking very fit and well.

July 2013 - Maisie had her 3rd litter. Her husband this time is Mowgli, Stanroph Surfer Boy and we are hopeful of some absolutely stunning puppies. She had a small litter of 4 - 2 boys and 2 girls but they are all absolutely gorgeous and have super families to live with.

Maisie is keeping very well and keeping her youthful good looks and energy.  If she continues to do so, we may consider having a final litter from her early in 2015.


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