Golden Retrievers


Cuckmere Players Pride

Pandreft Playing The Game X Cuckmere Secret Solitaire

17th July 2006

Hip Score 3:7 Elbow Score 0:0

Clear Eye Certificate July 2012

GR_PRA1 - Clear

GR_PRA2 - Clear

Mia - she is from Sophie’s second litter and her father is Pandreft Playing the Game.

We are hoping for a great future for this little lass. It is hoped she will compete in the show ring as well as obedience classes. If time allows, I would also like her to be trained as a gundog.

Mia has entered a couple of shows and recently won her first rosette - we are very proud of her. Unfortunately, due to having 2 litters of puppies this spring - 2007- we have not entered her in as many shows as we had hoped to.

Mia attends Dog Club and has recently passed her Gold test.

On 2nd September 2007 Mia had her hips and elbows x-rayed. Her results are back - Hips 3:7, elbows 0:0 - brilliant news.

In May 2008 Mia had her first litter to Ch. Xanthos Ardulfe. She had 6 dog and 5 bitch puppies. we are so proud of how well she coped with such a large litter. We decided not to keep a bitch from this litter as we are planning to keep a puppy from another litter this summer and two youngsters together will be very hard work - perhaps from her next litter!

2009 - Mia was mated in July but unfortunately failed to produce a litter. I was very sad about this as we haven’t had a puppy here for what seems ages now! Mia will be mated on her next season but whether we use this same stud dog or not remains to be seen. I have a few months to make this decision. We occasionally see one of Mia’s sons at dog training, Chester. He is maturing into a very handsome young man and totally spoilt by his owners! He and Mia love to have a play. It is lovely to be able to see the puppies you have bought into the world become such wonderful pets.

February 2010 - Mia was mated to the handsome Xanthos Mondriaan. Shortly afterwards he went to Crufts and achieved 2nd in Special Junior and 1st in Undergraduate! On 24th April Mia produced a small but quality litter but left me in a dilemma as she had 3 bitches and 1 dog puppy, so how was I going to choose which one to keep here? At just over 6 weeks, I made my decision, puppy number 3 has stayed here, Cuckmere In A Tizz - Tizzie as she will be known.

In August 2011 - Mia had another litter with our own Jaffa, they had 7 super puppies who are a credit to them both. We didn’t keep a bitch as it is our intention to keep from her sister Maisie.

Mia is now also retired from maternal duties She is very fit and well and spends her days here as quietly as she can, trying to avoid the youngsters and their constant play fighting!


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At 8 months

Mia - at 1 year old

With her first litter of puppies - 11 of them! Sire Xanthos Ardulfe. For further pictures of the puppies please see Previous litter page under ‘Dutch’ litter.

Looking good on the day her last puppy left to go to her new home

Looking very pleased with herself and her babies (2nd litter). Sire Xanthos Mondriaan

Not really wanting to pose for the camera - Aug 2010

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