Golden Retrievers


Cuckmere In A Trice

Xanthos Mondriaan X Cuckmere Players Pride

24th April 2010


Hip Score 3:9 

Elbow Score 2

Eye Certificate - Clear Feb 2011

GR-PRA1 - genetically clear

This is Millie - she is owned in partnership with the Gillbard family and myself. It is hoped, this little pup will fulfill some hopes and dreams we all share - watch this space....

On 7th July 2010 aged only 10 1/2 weeks Millie gave her first demonstration to a group of around 100 people. Cherry is a ‘Puppy Walker’ for Canine Partners and although Millie is her own dog, she will be trained up in order to give demonstrations etc - hence her little jacket. I hope you enjoy this video of Millie and Cherry working together, they make us very proud both here at Cuckmere and also at Xanthos. Thank you Cherry for all the love, time and patience you are giving this special puppy. Look out Tizzie, a lot of hard work for you now!! Click on the star to see what a star she is -

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Millie at home

@ 6 months

10 months old - a beautiful girl

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