Golden Retrievers

The ‘Mind’ Litter

DOB - 9th September 2012

Malenbrook Master Mind JW ShCM 1RCC X Cuckmere In A  Tizz



           Hip Score 5:5        Elbow Score 0:0

Clear Eye Certificate Feb 2013

GR_PRA1 - Clear


               Hip Score 14:3             Elbow Score 0:0

Clear Eye Certificate March 2013

GR_PRA1 - Hereditary Clear

GR_PRA2 - Hereditary Clear

Puppies from this litter will be GR_PRA1 hereditary clear

Tizzie had a lovely easy time whelping her first litter. The first puppy was born at 10.25pm and the last at 00.50am. Sadly the last puppy was stillborn, she was very small and I was unable to revive her. Tizzie has 3 dog and 3 bitch puppies to care for.  They weighed between 445 and 490g

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Mummy’s girl

Chillin’ in safe hands

Day 3 - a very proud mummy

Day 4 - Shannon doesn’t want any puppy missing out on cuddles

This little boy looks as though he’s smiling while having another wash!

Day 5 and filling out nicely

Sadly we lost one of the girls not long after this photo was taken.  We are devastated.....

Day 7 - Tizzie looking extremely well with her chubby pups

Wash time - again!

Day 9 and all content...

At 10 days

Day 11

2 weeks old

Day 17 and just enough space to feed

Day 18 and beginning to get interesting...

Day 19 - so cute...

3 weeks old

Tizzie is still devoted to her babies but she’s getting very tired now, time for me to start weaning the puppies to ease her workload

Who has the comfiest pillow??

First taste of solid food - going down well!!

The girls enjoyed their lunch more, then cleaned each other up...

Its hard work learning to eat, so much so one falls asleep in the dish!

Day 25 - getting the hang of eating now

Our first day outside

The girls...

And the boys...

Day 34 - whelping box extended to include a run

Puppies now have a pen outside - Grannie Mia and Great Aunt Maisie are taking a turn on puppy watch!

Or is it a chance for Maisie to play with puppy toys?

Maisie spends a great deal of time caring for the puppies - she adores them and it gives Tizzie a rest

Day 36 with Maisie

Playing in the sunshine

6 weeks old - puppies had their first gravy bone and loved it!

Little Miss Purple - sooo tired after he new owners came to choose her

A selection of photos taken by the McCluskey family on their visits - thank you, they’re wonderful

Cuckmere In My Mind - Miss Purple

Cuckmere Peace of Mind - Miss Pink

 Cuckmere Do You Mind - Master Turquoise

Cuckmere On My Mind - Master Blue

Cuckmere Never Mind  - Master Beige

Our ‘Golden Oldie’ Ellie, who at 11 1/2 still loves puppies although they’re not always impressed with her constant washing! Leave me alone says Toby - I want to watch the football in peace!

It’s hard to believe that the puppies are now 7 weeks old and are off to their new homes.  Tizzie has been an excellent and devoted mother to her litter and I hope she doesn’t miss them too much!

First to leave us was Master Turquoise - Cuckmere Do You Mind - Dudley is off to Essex with the Treloar family and Henry the Labrador for a pal.

Miss Purple - Cuckmere In My Mind - Aspen is going to West Sussex with the Dolan family, she will also be living with a Labrador - Dakota

Master Blue - Cuckmere On My Mind is now known as Toby and will be living in Worthing with the McCluskey family.

Master Beige - Cuckmere Never Mind - Bruce is staying close to us, he’s living in Alfriston with the Brown family

And last to leave us was Miss Pink - Cuckmere Peace of Mind - now called Chica and living in Richmond with the Whitehouse family and another Goldie Hazard

We will really miss the puppies, they have been such a lovely litter and Tizzie was an excellent mother to them.  I have already had some photos of them settling into their news homes. To view them, please click here

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