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Golden Retrievers

Our Girls

Cuckmere Magical Miracle - DOB 12th July 2005  Co-owned with Shirley Frankis

Cuckmere Players Pride - DOB 17th July 2006

Cuckmere Spring Surprise - DOB 16th March 2007

Cuckmere Wedding Belle - DOB 15th April 2011

Cuckmere In A Tizz - DOB 24th April 2010

Cuckmere In A Trice - DOB 24th April 2010 Co-owned with Cherry Gillbard

Xanthos Flavia Amid Cuckmere - DOB 25th October 2011

Elmcairn Mistress of Cuckmere - DOB 25th July 2008

Cuckmere Double Whammy - DOB 17th November 2016

Hyacinthella Polyanna - DOB 4th July 2016

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