Golden Retrievers


Whenever I decide to have a litter from any of my girls, I can assure you an awful lot of time and effort has gone into making this decision. The mother has to be in perfect health and in my opinion able to cope with a litter of puppies. We allow a clear season between litters for the girls which means their puppies are often 15-18 months apart to give them plenty of time between to get back into tip top condition. This also means that we do not have many litters of puppies and if it is a ‘Cuckmere’ puppy you want, you may have to wait a while.

I spend many, many hours reading up on various stud lines before deciding on the stud dog for each bitch. Not only do I look at their health screenings, but also temperament - looks come in 3rd! I am prepared to travel to any part of the country to get the right stud to suit my girls.

I have taken the decision recently not to use any stud dog who has not had his elbows scored. The Kennel Club only recommend - not require - that stud dogs and breeding bitches are scored and that includes members of the KC Assured Breeder Scheme, but still far too many people in the breed do not accept that their dog may have a problem. My opinion on this is, if you think your dogs elbows are ok - why not have them scored to prove it. The fewer puppies being bred without the potential of having hip and elbow dysplasia the better the overall quality of the Golden Retriever will become. The National Breed Club and the Southern Golden Retriever Society require them to be done and I am complying with their wishes. You, as a potential new puppy owner deserve to have the healthiest, happiest puppy possible and I ensure I do all that I can to achieve this.

All Cuckmere puppies leave here at approx 8 weeks of age with a complete puppy pack which includes - Registration documents, details of both parents and copies of their hip/elbow score and eye certificates, details of worming schedule, comprehensive guide to feeding, socialising and training, food as well as a Royal Canin Puppy pack. All of my puppies are tattooed before leaving for identification purposes. Plus, I am always at the end of the telephone to give advice or help whenever it is needed. My puppies are raised totally within my home and are therefore well used to household noise. I have daily visits from my grandchildren - so they are well used to being handled by children. I also have a steady stream of friends visit to help with puppy cuddling! It gives me so much pleasure to receive emails or photos from puppies from previous litters as I do encourage people to keep in touch with updates on their puppy’s progress.

I am very fortunate to have a brilliant vet close by and his team are always on stand-by. I often have a practice nurse here to witness a normal delivery (in their own time - of course) as they normally only see caesarean births. They often pass potential owner details on to me too!

Please see links for details of current, planned and previous litters. If you would like any further advice or information, please do not hesitate to contact me.


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