Golden Retrievers

The ‘River’ Litter

DOB - 25th August 2011

Poppygold Aniseed Twist for Cuckmere X Cuckmere Spring Surprise


Hip Score 4:3 Elbow Score 0:0

Clear Eye Certificate March 2013

GR_PRA1 - Clear

GR_PRA2 - Carrier


Hip Score 9:7 Elbow Score 0:1

Clear Eye Certificate July 2012

GR_PRA1 - Clear

GR_PRA2 - Clear

Puppies from this litter will be GR_PRA1 hereditary clear

Maisie and Jaffa have today become the proud parents of 6 beautiful puppies. We have 4 dogs and 2 bitches born between 15.35 - 18.40pm. They weigh between 485 - 575g. We are absolutely thrilled with how everything has gone, nice delivery and Maisie such a natural mother.

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All settled in the whelping box, just a couple of hours old

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 6 - and filling out well

Day 9

Maisie is still spending virtually all her time with her babies

2 weeks old

Is that really comfortable?

Day 15 and we’re finding our feet...

Day 18

Day 22 - they’ve taken to solids very well

but still like a top-up from mum...

It’s a hard life....

Day 27 - pups spent a short while outside when the sun came out

Maisie is starting to look weary...

Day 35 - Great Auntie Ellie giving pups a wash with Tizzie trying to barge in too

Had enough of that, I want to chew your ear

Tizzie wanting to play

Pestering mum....

Sleeping in the sunshine

Day 42 - a windy day and found a leaf

First biscuit - what do I do with it??

Investigating in the big dog room

Sleepy head

Pups are now over 6 weeks old but Maisie is still the perfect mum

This dear little pup is ‘The Colonel’ - the Hounds for Heroes puppy

The puppies weren’t keen on coming in tonight..... perhaps they fancied a night under the stars.....

Introducing - Cuckmere River Island - Sonny

Cuckmere River of Gold - Lewis

Cuckmere Cry Me A River - Poppy

Cuckmere River of Hope - Daisy

And then there were just two boys left.....

Cuckmere River of Dreams - Jesse

And last but not least Cuckmere River Boy - ‘The Colonel’

Kissing Shannon good-bye....

Colonel was collected by Allen Parton and taken to his ‘Puppy Parents’ in West Sussex

He had E.J. and Ikea in the car with him for company

Although it is always sad for us when puppies leave with their new families, it was a particularly emotional day for me when Colonel here. We wish him well with his Puppy Parents and when he starts his formal training in about a years time.  We aim to keep in touch with his progress and sincerely hope he passes his training and is able to make s difference to someone’s life.

To see how the litter settle into their new homes please click here

Due to the enormous amount of interest in people asking us how Colonel is getting on with his training etc, I have decided to create his own page which I hope I can update regularly with news bit obviously this will depend on what I get told of.

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