Golden Retrievers


Cuckmere In A Tizz

Int. & Can. Ch. Xanthos Mondriaan SGWC X Cuckmere Players Pride

24th April 2010


Hip Score 14:3

Elbow Score 0:0

Eye Certificate - Clear March 2013

GR-PRA 1 & 2 - genetically clear

I seem to have waited so long for a new puppy here at Cuckmere but at last she’s here! I am looking forward to working with her in both obedience and Ringcraft classes and hopefully take her into the show ring too!

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With Great Grandma Mollie at just over 7 weeks - days with 4 generations of my girls will not be many I’m afraid. Mollie is beginning to show her years and sadly, we fear she may not be with us for very much longer.

This little photo of Tizzie was taken by TV Vet Marc Abraham when she was just over 7 weeks old. Marc is our locum vet and has invited us to his ‘Pup Aid’ concert in Brighton on Sept 19th

At 8 weeks - In Mollie’s basket!!

Practicing her hold at 3 months

Sitting at 4 months

Playing with Great Auntie Ellie

At 6 months

At 7 months - loving the snow....

At 16 months and coming back into coat

Tizzie at Couldsen Show - 24th September 2011

@ 18 months - not a pretty sight....

Jan 2012

Sharing!! A toy bone with my mum...

Trying to teach my little ‘sister’ some respect...

2 today....

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