Golden Retrievers

The ‘Wedding’ Litter

DOB - 15th April 2011

Poppygold Aniseed Twist for Cuckmere X Cuckmere Magical Miracle




Honey safely delivered her puppies between 6.43 pm & 1.03am on 15th/16th April.  We have 2 gorgeous girls and 6 beautiful boys. They weighed between 395g - 565g.

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We repeated the mating of Honey with our own Jaffa (Sweetest litter) as we were so pleased with the puppies.  Shirley hopes to keep a bitch to stay with Honey, her mum and auntie. We decided to call these puppies the ‘Wedding’ litter not only due to the Royal Wedding but because both Shirley and I have sons getting married this summer.

Scan shows she is carrying a nice sized litter

Honey - day 57

Looking very uncomfortable

Honey in labour - we thought she was going to deliver on her back at one stage!!!

First born - a little boy....

Honey sleeping after a long delivery

My first photos of the puppies - taken when I visited following morning Honey is looking a little tired but very proud of her brood

Day 2 and getting the hang of feeding well

Day 3 - Honey has barely left her pups

Day 5 - cuddles

12 days old

Day 15 - not a lot of room now to feed all together

This is Fudge - 4 weeks old and his first visit to the garden

 This is Henry

Puppies at 5 weeks

Henry at 5 weeks

Individual photos of puppies the day before the tattoos were done - 6 weeks 4 days

Introducing....Cuckmere Wedding Winner - George

Cuckmere Wedding Whizz - Fudge

Cuckmere Wedding Wonder - Reno

Cuckmere Wedding Wizard - Chester

Cuckmere Wedding Whirl - Henry

Cuckmere Wedding Belle - Molly

Cuckmere Wedding Warrior - Riley

Fun and games in the garden....

These two boys are Chester & Riley.  They will soon be going off to their new home with Brian, Stephanie and their family.  We have allowed them to have 2 puppies from the same litter as they have a wealth of experience of a multi dog household and have previously had litter mates.

This is Molly - she will be staying with her mum, grannie and auntie

She’ll be a playmate for Shirley’s grand-daughter Imogen - although she’s not too sure about Molly at the moment...

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